Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tips for Choosing Your Computer Armoires (White Computer Armoires)

Having well organized work station is important as having white computer armoires which can hide the computer when not in use. Why you need to hide your computer? Simply because when you live in a small space or put your computer in a living room, this option can give you extra space when you not using your computer and computer armoires can match with your others furniture easily. This tips is how to choose correct design for your computer armoires:

1. The color such as white computer armoires, material used such as ebony and spice and the exterior decoration is a design element you should choose to match your room interior decoration.

2. Make sure when you seated your elbows is above keyboard tray and under the keyboard tray have space for your chair.

3. Wires holes in the back of white computer armoires can make you easy to manage the wires. Maybe you can make your own holes later on.

4. Choose file drawer design that have wheels, which you can roll out when in used and roll in when not in used.

5. Shelf for monitor should be set directly at eye level.

6. Make sure the computer armoires have one large shelf for peripherals such as printers and fax machines.

7. It also better if you can get an adjustable lamp or search for white computer armoires with built-in lighting.

To implement this tip it’s better for you doing a survey at furniture store on several white computer armoires to choose one which fit with you.